Nerve Procedures

Carpal Tunnel Release

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist. Small wrist bones known as carpals form the bottom and sides of your carpal tunnel and a strong band of connecting tissue, known as the transverse carpal ligament, covers the top of the carpal tunnel.

Nerve Biopsy

A nerve biopsy is a procedure in which a sample of nerve tissue is removed from the body and examined in the laboratory. A nerve biopsy may be necessary to help diagnose the diseases of the nerves, also called neuropathy. Sensory nerves (nerves that transfer sensations like cold, heat or pain to the brain) are commonly subjected to biopsy. Other nerves are rarely biopsied.

Ulnar Nerve Decompression at the Elbow

The ulnar nerve is one of the 3 main nerves in the arm that travels down from the neck through a bony protuberance inside the elbow (medial epicondyle), under the muscles of the forearm and down the hand on the side of the palm, towards the little finger. The ulnar nerve helps in controlling most of the hand muscles which carry out fine movements as well as some bigger forearm muscles which help in making a strong grip.

  • Westmead Private Hospital
  • Neuro Surgical Society
  • the University of Sydney